Subang Jaya. =)

Time to wake up! It's time to get ready to explore the whole of Subang. hehe. Both sister and i were feeling excited to explore Subang in addition looking rooms for her future lodging when she is coming down to further her studies. =)

Poser. :P

a shot before we went out. =)

We woke up rather early and prepared ourselves to start our journey to Subang. We took LRT to KL Sentral and took the KTM commuter. Damn commuter! It stopped all of a sudden making us wasted our time on the commuter for nothing. Furthermore we felt very hungry. Sob sob. It took us almost an hour to reach Subang KTM station.

I thought I could actually stop walking soon we reached Subang. And feeling despair, we needed to walk for at least 30minutes before we could reach the place we wanted to be. Rested awhile and took a few shots. lolx.

Adui. I haven't prepare ler. isk

Visitor only. I'm the one. hehe.

I think my intention to find her during weekends when she is in KL is cancelled. Way too far that both of us couldn’t imagine at all. =( I guessed with the help of my car, I could still change it. Hehe.

Beautiful Inti College. *jealous*

Taylor's.. *drool*

The main door of Taylor's

I love the study environment in Subang seriously. How i wished i get to study with her here. hmm. And thanks to my sister’s friend who helped us out. We were very grateful to him. Thanks a million! =) Lazy to describe anymore. Therefore, long story short. TaaDaa!!!! PICTURES!!! =D

Camwhoring. :P

Took in My Place Apartment

Look here not there. :b

*smiling broadly* lol

Tired of walking. Therefore, we rested at sis’s friend’s house. We almost gave up and her friend happened to see the notice. And finally we got it! But sis said she was still in consideration. Hmmph. Or else, cousin’s house will be our next solution. :P

We took bus to Sunway Pyramid after that since both of us hadn’t been going there for ages. We walked around and bought a protector for her Laprados. (Sis still think of her Laprados even though she was away from him. So touched!) Oh my, I spotted Daniel in the mall. Such a small small world! =) Sorry kor, didn’t ask you out. We planned that in a sudden. Chit-chatted with him for awhile before we went our separate ways. And my biggest mistake of the day was i totally had forgotten to take a picture with Daniel. Sigh!

Orange atrium

I love the piano. =)

Auntie posing with her big 'handbag'. haha

Sis dislike this picture.

The skating rink.

Less than an hour later, we planned to go back. The feeling being in the stranger’s place was too strong in my heart. I felt alienated in the mall in addition we were too tired to walk. Then, both of us came to a conclusion to head back to Wangsa Maju for our so-called lunch (it was almost 4.30pm and we hadn’t had anything for lunch or breakfast)

Cleopatra? hehe

Closer look of the statue.

Hmm. We walked back to the place we waited for our bus. And damn the bus driver! I was freaking agitated when it comes to this moment. I wouldn’t want to say it here. I’m afraid it will spoil my blogging mood. Grrr.

Feeling frustrated over the bus driver, we decided to take a cab to Kelana Jaya LRT station. P/s: I wouldn’t die without your irrational actions, IDIOTIC bus driver!!!!!

Finally, we were in the LRT feeling exhausted and restless. Sis offered to go to KLCC to have her A&W meal and I nodded.

A cute shot of her in LRT. =P

To be continued……

P/s: Happy birthday my beloved meow. =)


  1. hi there~ hope ur sis would be happy living there!

  2. yup. i agreed with u totally.. :)

  3. hihi, didnt know u have a blog..hehe
    Ktm is always like that , but normally it would just take round 35 mins to reach to subang from kl sentral

  4. owh really? hmm... but that day it took us almost one hour to reach there. was agitated at that time. hmm...

  5. yay, thanks for the wish! :D

    takes me 1/2 hour to get 2 subang fr sentral. but the other day i had to wait for almost 2hours for the train to come *rawr!!!!!!!!!!*

  6. ktm sucks la stopped suddenly for 10 to 20 minutes for nothing. waste of time only... haihh..

    and welcome.. hope u enjoy ur birthday ok? =)


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