Having her in my life is the best gift from God. Her sweet smile makes me melt all the time. Knowing her since Form 1 is my greatest pleasure. When i was in problems, she was the one who stood by my side to give me moral support and lend me her helping hands and ears. I do appreciate this friendship though we arent study together in the same university. Remember our bond will always together. She helped me to pull through all the hardships and this is who i am today! Friendship that will last till eternity. She is Natasha- my best Malay friend. =)

my bestie. =D

We had so much time together. Talking almost about everything. And till now, we still be frank towards each other. We never lie or hide each other. That's the best! I'm in KL now. Wait for me to come back to have another meeting with you okay? Have fun working in court babe. Love you. muacksss. :D

me and her. =)

In oldtown

camwhoring. hehe

camwhored in her house. :D

another shot

my ss shot

her sweet smile. =)

reflection of the mirror

how time flies! miss you.
thanks for brightening up my life..:D


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