Tiring Day.

My tiring day started with Fluid Mechanics tutorial. There were only four girls including me in the class. Zzz. Later on, i headed to SE block to have my Numerical tutorial. The tutor sucks. She talks even softer than me. How could UTAR hire a tutor like this? And i started to feel Miss Yap (not me obviously) is better than her a lot.

After tutorial, i walked to cafeteria to have my lunch. Initially i didnt plan to eat cause i wasn't hungry. In addition, i would be back late from university and wont be able to do some workout in gym. In the end, i had it. Attended an hour of Unit Operation lecture and that's the end of the day? Hell no. I needed to stay back in university to do something. And finally i got to go back at 5pm. While waiting, we camwhored. lolx. Normal lah. hehe. :P

Rushed for LRT to buy bus ticket to go back hometown. It wasn't me. My friend whom was the one buying the ticket. I just accompanied her. Had our dinner at Petaling Street and the food sucks. Pretty tough luck today. Suppose to have the famous fried hokkien mee but it was closed today! ZZzzz.

Just reached home an hour ago. Feeling tired today. But wasn't sleepy. I couldn't be sleeping because i need to brush up my work and did some revisions. Will be sleeping late tonight again. :( Chaoz. Tata. Haih.


My dinner for yesterday. :)

Feeling worried.
Not knowing what to do.
Am i making a mistake?


  1. Wow, A Hard Day Work..
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  2. Err, study life in UTAR so tiring one ahh?? I am now only in Secondary school, means I have to endure for a looong time some more... I don't want to worry about it now... worry later :D lol...
    U want to join me -laughing is the best medicine. Visit my blog lah for some ummpph

  3. oooh, u better sleep early and hv enough rest. I heard we must have at least 8 hours sleep. No worry, I had just click Hypp TV-Indonesia ads on ur post.. Do visit my blog for some jokes..when u r online and fresh :)

  4. iriene : thanks. :)

    jemsen: worry bout ur secondary school for meantime. it's better to do so. or else u wont feel regret in future. :)

    james: hm. yup. thanks a lot. i will. hopefully i can endure it. ;)

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  6. lolx...pitiful baby...and oiks...hair bulging up geh?

  7. lol.. hahah.. now u know im pitiful. ahah. hm. bulging up? purposely wan. haha

  8. haha.purposely?? ooo..okay okay..^^



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