Sushi Craze. :b

I was craving for sushi-s before my semester break and my dream came true. My girl and i went to have sushi-s at Sushi King in Taiping Sentral. The food weren't up to my expectation. But never mind. As long it's edible. ehehe.

The sushi-s we had ordered.

I was surprised that the place weren't crowded. Only four persons in the shop including me and my sis. =D That means we can do whatever we want. Vandalize the place? lolz. Good idea too. But we didnt do it cause the waiters would keep an eye on us. =P

Oh no! We acted clumsily. Swt! That's the only thing we knew how to do other than eating. haha. Pictures were taken to keep as memories to let the future generations know that their ancestors acted clumsily in a sushi restaurant. lolx. But i wont be putting them on my post. Private and confidential. Sorry!

So i will just show you a few pictures we have taken where we acted normal and serious. Zzzzz.

She looked so serious. *scared*

Prepared to eat. :b

Sushi Kio's ambassador. (My sis said my head can be treated as O-big and round)

Didnt want to look at the camera. :b

Sushi Kino's ambassador this time. Swt!

Freshness guaranteed! haha

I love my tiny eyes. :)

Acting so cool and serious. haha

With the sushi-s on the conveyor belt.

Opss! Candid shot.

Hope my blog isn't boring. :)