Continued from the previous three posts (short and precise this time)

As soon as we reached KLCC, both of us hurriedly rushed to A&W. Sorry ya, too hungry already!

We quenched our thirst with root beers. The weather was too hot at that time and we had become hydrated in addition we ran out of water.


Here comes the snapshots of us in A&W. :)

Sis sipped my root beer. haha

Busy drinking. lolx *thirsty*

Rootbeers. :)

We had this while waiting for our hotdogs. :)

And speaking about this, sister and i were approached by a UCSI student who asked us to give some donation regarding the spastic children. And i donated. That particular guy wanted my sister to donate as well and i told him that we are siblings. So, we could escape ourselves from donating twice! Teehee. =)

Finally after filling up our lil tummies, both of us walked around. Wanted to watch movie but we were afraid it might too late for us to go back home later on. The plan was cancelled. *sobs* We spotted Lego having some events in KLCC. Cool models were made up from Lego. I was totally amazed.

Without wasting time, I took a few shots of the models. But I only managed to take a few of the models due to 'traffic congestion' in the mall. hehe.

Here are the photos : ----->

No joke k? It was built by using Lego. Amazing right?


No idea what was it. Sorry. hehe

Taj Mahal. :)

We walked around and spotted gigantic Blackberry Storm smartphone. Cool! Here's the picture of me with the phone. =)


P/s: No more pictures from me already guys! Sorry!
Too tired to take anymore.

We didn't buy anything cause both of us were running out of CASH! *sad* Too tired to continue walking anymore. Therefore, we went back home. And that's the end of sister's 1st day of self-exploration in KL. =)

More to come on the next day. =)


  1. Miss A&W , used to have it here in kuching.

  2. we miss that too. that's why we went for it that day. :)

  3. ishk...reminds me of my pc though i'm having the doesnt seem to function when u touched it whereas the boy there manage to play with it..ahaks

  4. yeayea... not fair wan! the boy can play with it but when i approached the phone, it didnt want ot function. hmm. then better dont look at the pics. haha


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