10th of august 2008

it is sunday. suppose to be a great day for me. i planned to go jogging around my condo today. but i couldn't wake up. too tired to wake up. i couldn't even hear my alarm clock rang. i had missed a chance to go jogging again. never mind. there is still some other time for me to go again. then i continued sleeping again. and to my great surprise, i woke up at 11.57am, 3 minutes before it was going to be 12pm. great sleeping habit huh? felt so tired after sleeping too long. got headache all of a sudden. *sigh* what was going on? am i feeling alright? hmm.. then i got up and took a bath. then i continued studying till 3pm and went online while doing my slides for english presentation. about 5pm, i walked to a nearest stall to have my dinner. i had spagetti with chicken meat for dinner. not that expensive. but it could not satisfy my stomach. :P then i bought banana fritters and curry puffs. this time, i felt full and it could really satisfy my stomach. whee. then i walked home and continued my studies. another weekend had gone. coming up is my EXAM and PRESENTATION!!