it was a great day. i enjoyed in the thermo lecture today. my thermo lec celebrated her birthday with us. we felt so guilty cause we did not know it was her birthday today. :( she was cutting her cake after we sang her a birthday song

we are the one who are supposed to wish and make a surprise birthday celebration for her. instead, she got each of us a packet of biscuits and bought herself a small cake.. that was so sweet of her. 
surprisingly today was my coursemate's birthday as well. :) hmm..then after the small celebration, we continued our lecture. she gave us a quiz to do and handed up on the day itself. the class ended at 12pm. then, i headed to the cafeteria to have my lunch. i wanted to have bread for lunch.but too bad, i couldnt resist the temptation. i had chicken rice instead.sob. :( i was supposed to go for a diet plan. but i did not follow it. and i even went to the pasar malam to have lots of junk food.:( i did not eat that for quite long already. haih.. never mind. musnt do that again. control!!! i even bought a mooncake for myself since i cant go back to my hometown to celebrate mooncake festival with my loved ones. i will just have to accept the facts that i am going to have exam the day before. unless i plan to go back to celebrate and more precisely play lanterns with my li baby..ehehe...shhhhh :X hm..then i continued doing my report and chemistry tutorial while watching my favourite tv show again.ehehe...i guess i have to sleep late tonight to complete ma' favourite subject...ehee