it is friday.. eventually i am looking forward to go back to my hometown next week again. as i can stay longer since it is a study week.. :D but it is not a good thing to be happy about cause my finals are coming!! and i am going to finish my first semester in utar. pretty fast huh? cant imagine how time flies. later i can see myself working and my parents are getting old. sob. :( today was a boring friday for me. i couldnt wake up this morning.damn. luckily i had another hsemate going to the uni at 9 am. then i walked to the library to complete my report. and after today i do not have to worry about lab reports anymore!! hooray...but still i have programming assignment to be completed..haih. and written test too...boring! haih. never mind..i can go back to my hometown after this week and do my daily routine at home.. ehe..:) i had to stay back in the uni till 6pm to finish up our programming assignment. and yet we couldnt complete it as we are being chased away by the lab officer.haih. it was raining very heavily. the road that the bus im was sitting was flooded. eww...what kind of road they were building? why such things could happen? improper drainage was built by the contractors? hmm..totally speechless..