today my life wasn't that dull. but guess wat? i felt i am so useless in the thermo lecture today..all of a sudden, i felt so pressured and almost dropped my tears. luckily i have a few great friends around me consoling me. unlike certain people. after my thermo lecture had ended, i walked with my new friends to the cafeteria for lunch. i had bihun with vege roll, banana cake (my favourite) and bread. though it sounds alot, i enjoyed eatin them cause eating can change my unhappy mood. :) about 12.50pm, i went for statics tutorial at SE Block. after this, i continued for my maths lecture. another boring lecture. and to my surprise, i did not fall asleep. aha. cause all my friends were busy talking as they did not understand what did the lecturer was saying. i was just trying to pay attention to the lecture. after all, the lecture wasn't boring. just the lecturer spoke in a broken english..ehe... i guess if my lecturer sees this, he is going to chop me off. :P after his lecture, i went for programming class with ning xin, wei sien and hong huei. :) my practical ended at 4.50pm and i went back home. there goes another day.