not a great weekend for me. tired and felt restless.. i had to go to university to attend my maths extra class. started at 8am making me feel so lazy and tired to go to university. furthermore, it was too early for me. luckily i slept early last night at 9.30am due to dizziness on my head. luckily i did not faint. or else i did not know what to do. i woke up early the next morning and got myself ready. and yet i am still late for the extra class by 5 minutes. my class ended at 10.25am and i rushed outside to get a public transport. i reached home about 10.40am. i was alone in the house. i went straight to my room to get some rest. i almost fell asleep when i was listening to musics. then i get myself ready about 11am to go out with my friend to get my formal clothes which i need to wear on my presentation day on this coming wednesday. oh gosh!! it is hard to get a nice formal outfit for myself.. i am too upset to get one and quickly look out for a place to have my lunch..i had fries and donut for lunch. 

i felt so full. i went to pavilion to get my formal clothing. luckily i got an esprit singlet :) and a skirt at jusco on my way back from pavilion. a tiring day for me. i gotta sleep early tonight. :)