i am writing my first blog here. my life however can be considered as boring and stressful. somehow i am enjoying it.. now i am studying my favourite course. but behind these stories, no one knows how stressful i am to study my favourite course. sometimes the outsiders do not understand the actual process of my journey to further my studies in this course. only i am the one who understand how the process looks like and how is it going on.
at first i was happy and excited to study my favourite course. as time goes by, somehow i felt i have made a wrong decision (i guess). but i told myself to continue it and work harder on it. can anyone understand my feelings right now?i wanted to express all my unhappy feelings right here but i do not even have the time to continue writing it anymore as i have to rush my lab reports. hope to continue it some other time.


  1. hello! what course are you taking and where? Don't worry or engage in self doubt as it is pointless now that you have started on your course..just go for it with determination and prove to yourself and the world that your choice is correct! =)

  2. ur sulin? how ya? long time dint keep in touch with you.. i am currently studying in utar taking chemical engineering course. i know once i have started the course, i cant turn back the time already. after all it has been my wish to study this course and i wun let my parents down. :)


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