normal day..

i woke up late today.. i overslept. damn..what was going on? why am i been overslept these few days? getting more lazy..sigh... when i woke up, i noticed that the fan was on. i thought the electricity might had been recovered back last night when i was sleeping. i was studying and memorising my presentation and all of a sudden, the electricity was tripped. so i had to go to bed and sleep. i went for statics lecture at 11am as usual. i went for public transport today. n luckily i got it. but as soon as i reached, i saw the utar bus was on its way to university. damn.. i have been fooled again.. :( hm..never mind. there is still other options for me. :) i went for lunch. i had nasi lemak for lunch. and right after i had my lunch, my stomach was feeling not right. suddenly, i felt the pain on my stomach. i cant be going back cause i had to attend maths lecture. sob. i tried to bear the pain till i went back at 3pm. i have to prepare for my presentation and maths..wish me luck.. :)