rainy day

i woke up quite early this morning. i found out the weather is dark.i thought it would be raining anytime. n my wish had granted. it rained quite heavily. but luckily my class started at 2pm. an english lecture was cancelled. i got no idea why did the lecturer had cancelled it.hm never mind. that means i have extra time to revise my programming since i did not touch it since i was in taiping. who would have the mood to do it if you were in my situation? luckily mum and dad understood me. they did not scold me cause they know how i felt.. i went to university quite early cause i wanna accompany my housemate to university since she is alone.i reached at uni about 12.15pm. it was still raining heavily.hm..never mind. luckily i had an umbrella with me. i felt lost all of a sudden. i did not know where to go to. i wanted to go to the library but it was full. so i went to the se room to do some reading. then about 1.25pm i went straight to the lecture hall and look for a place to sit. after my programming lecture, i went for my programming exam. it was really tough for me. i felt so blur and stupid. haih. den i went back home. as soon as i reached home, i quickly finished up my report. then about 7pm, shuyin, my hsemate n i went to brj to have our dinner. we had nasi lemak ayam and roti pisangs. yummy. it was delicious. :) then three of us walked home and hurriedly went back home to watch our drama series. ehe...since exam is coming, i could not afford to waste any more time.so i better stop my blog right now and start doing my revision. :)