came and gone

i had my peaceful day. early in the morning i woke up early to go to university with my room mate. i reached at university about 8.15am. then i walked straight to the library. i planned to walk into the seminar room to book a row of places for my friends and i to sit during chemistry lecture as well. too bad, the room was fully occupied by a group of seniors to do their mid term examination. then i headed to the reading room to do some mathematics calculations. the calculations seemed to look interesting. i enjoyed them a lot with my musics on. :) about 9.45am, i quickly packed up my things and walked to the seminar room. i walked to get a place to sit to do my tutorial. my lecturer came and gave us some lectures about organic chemistry. interesting subject i would say cause it has been my favourite since i was in secondary school. 
all of a sudden another lecturer came to tell us that she needed the room for her students to sit for examination. she negotiated with my lecturer and we had to move to the lecture hall and continue our lectures. the lecture ended at 12.25pm. then, i walked with my friends to the cafeteria to have our lunch. i had nasi lemak and banana cake (again i am going to tell you that it is my favourite) today. after that, i walked to the SA block to go for my maths tutorial at 2pm. the tutorial ended at 3.15pm and i had to rush for another class which is suppose to start at 3pm till 6pm. an experiment needed to be done. it was a long process. however, i enjoyed it cause i had my friends to crap with while doing it. we manage to finish it at 5.45pm. my friends and i again walked to get a public transport at tar college. two of my friends went back first. left another friend of mine and me waiting for bus. my friend suggested to get a cab and a girl wanted to get a cab too. so three of us got up on a cab and headed to our next destination. i walked to jusco to buy my daily groceries and walked back home after that. a tiring day for me and i enjoyed it. :)