wonderful day

today i was excited.. cause i got to meet meiyuin in klcc after for quite sometime.. i miss her so much.. wonder how she look like huh? i woke up early and got myself early this morning to go to klcc and met her. i went with zian. a great day to go on. i hugged meiyuin when i saw her in kinokuniya. oh no, she looked thinner alot. maybe because she told me she couldnt eat pork in her uni.aha. we walked to madam kwan's restaurant to have our lunch. unfortunately, we had to queue up to get some seats. we did not want to wait cause we were pretty hungry actually. ehe. then we went to california pizza kitchen since yuin wanted to eat pizza badly. when we stepped into the place and looked at the menus, we walked out again. and i guess you know why did we do that right? ehe.. then i suggested to have our lunch at kim gary. yuin and zian agreed with me. then we looked for kim gary. and we walked all the way- crossed the road, went into the avenue k, used escalator and we still couldnt find kim gary. then we walked down again and finally we spotted kim gary. to our surprise, kim gary was just beside the klcc lrt station. how silly we were. but at least we gained some experiences. aha. then we ordered cheese baked rice, hot n spice noodles, hot n spicy chicken chop spaghetti, seaweed french fries and a toast bread. yum yum..delicious.. :) we chitchatted nonstop and finished our lunch about 2 something. then we walked around the klcc. about 4pm, yuin headed home. before she went back, she bought 5 rotiboys for her aunt and sisters. i gave her a goodbye hug before she went back. miss her so much..:) then i went to the pavilion to look for jamie's clothes. initially i couldnt find. sob. then i walked to sungei wang to look for it again. fortunately, i met my aunt n cousins in mcd. i dint see them for ages. im very glad to see them. then we chatted for quite long. :) then i headed home after that. went back by lrt and walked back home. tiring day but i enjoyed myself. hope to see yuin, my aunt and cousins again.. :)
wonder what were they doing?

spot the hidden mickey..ehe

meow's thumb with the seaweed fries..