boring day

today i woke up quite late.i was supposed to wake up at 8am to study but i didn't. :( never mind..after i did not have the mood to study. obviously i cant study since i am still not in a good mood.. just missed her so much.. :( my lecture started at 12pm. i had my breakfast at home and waited for bus at 11smth.. luckily i get it. i can save money again.ehe. then when i reached the lecture hall, nobody was there. nobody informed me that the lecture was cancelled. never mind. i walked to the other block for tutorial class. then, i listened to my musics till i did not notice that my friend walked into the class. my lecturer came into the class about 5minutes late ans gave us some english work to do. about an hour later the class was dismissed. the class was supposed to end at 3pm but it ended at 1.50pm. then i walked to the bus stop to wait for bus. then i headed home. i was pretty bored at home. then i took a 20minutes nap and after awhile i watch a tvb series with shu yin. initially, i planned to cut my hair.but my plan was cancelled due to heavy rain. ah! never mind. i will have to wait for tomorrow again. then, i bought a nasi lemak ayam for my dinner while watching tv. boring day huh? ehe... was hoping for the better tomorrow.. :)