it is on monday again. i could not believe with my eyes that it is already the 12th week i am studying in utar..  how time flies huh? and now i have to rush for my assignments which is supposed to hand up on friday. i could not imagine myself that i am going to finish up my 1st semester in utar. and do you know what does that mean? it means finals are coming!!! damn.. i have to be crazy again. too much things to do at the same time can make me go insane very soon.. as usual today i woke up late again. i was supposed to wake up at 8am. in the end, i turn off my alarm clock and continued sleeping till 9.30am. aha. new pig is coming!! :P luckily my class started at 12pm. or else i will be late for lecture.. ehehe. i got myself ready and ate some crackers for my breakfast. i walked out hurriedly to get bus. but the bus did not wait for me. damn. luckily there was a metro bus and i managed to get into the bus and go to university. :) i am happy that i can save money on cab.. ehe.. then i reached university about 11.45am. i walked to the SE room quickly to get a place to sit. i saw my friends wore formally. they looked good in it. i was wondering whether i can look good like them cause i looked rather plump. this was the saddest thing i am reluctantly to say. staying in kl for almost 2months can make me grow fatter. and i did not have the determination to go jogging here as there is no recreation park for me to go jogging. *sigh* i could not even resist the temptation of eating all the delicious food in kl. but still i prefer my taiping food which is always the best. and not forgotten my aunt's home cooked food. :) after two hours in the room hearing and seeing how my friends presented, i walked to the lecture hall for programming class. and something is not right today. bad mood swing. *sigh* suddenly oggy called me to tell me that the bus tickets to taiping had sold out. she has to skip her class on this friday just to go back taiping as there is only 8.30am bus ticket is available. she even asked me to buy the tickets back to kl on sun as early as possible as a lot of people will be going back to taiping since it is the 15th of july of lunar month. i hurriedly phoned my mum and asked her to buy tickets for me. in the conversation, my mum told me that my dad is going to china tonight. hmm.. watching olympics in beijing is it? i wonder. aha.. but i hope i can see my dad on this coming friday as i miss him so much. hope he will be back in malaysia when i am in taiping. :) i am looking forward to go back to taiping as i dint go back since more than a month ago. hope there is no lectures or extra classes on saturday again.. *praying hard to god*