Days in Taiping

Sorry for the late post. Right now i'm blogging about my study week in Taiping. Exams were over. So i will continue blogging till crazy again. haha. Nothing much outings during my study week cause it's STUDY WEEK! Going back home for examination preparations ok? heeeheee... =)

Day 2

What did i do on that day?! haha. Went for breakfast with my family. :D After that, we headed to mummy's office to work. Haha. WOrk? oopss sorry. My mum went to work. Not me. My sis and i went to office to be the security guards only. It's FOC anyway. Lolx. And i went there to do my revision as well. Dad bought me my favourite huge dumplings. :D The dumplings werent cheap as well. Hmm. Thanks a lot daddy! <3

Mummy worked from morning till 3something. Pitied her. She had to work on weekends too due to piles of works that are needed to hand up. haih. Meanwhile, sis was busy doing her Sudoku. And there goes the favorite moment. Taking photos! haha.


acting cool.

her lazy pose.

mummy and i

mummy didnt want to look here. :(

pose on my own. *sad*

my lil girl and i with shanice. haha

fish eyed image. :D

another ss shot

posing with my coin boxes.

promoting the sony tee. =)

Day 3

I just hung out with my dear sis when i studied too much. Tried to relax myself by going to Sentral to have McD. lols. Here's the pictures below.

I'm fat. =(

Our McValue Lunch.

Look here! hehee

She said I'm fat. I admitted I am. Now can you guys see my fat look?

Busy driving.

Another shot. haha

My cousin came when i reached home. She just gave birth to a one-month old baby girl. Congratulation sis! =) And before she went back, we took a photo of us. hehe.

My cousin and i

My girl and i with my pig. heeeee

So now you guys believe i am FAT!!!??? I am. And i'm determined to lose two kgs in this coming semester break! I believe i can if i want to. But you guys must support me as well. Giving me moral support la ok? heee. thanks. =D


  1. ishk..the aim of this post is to describe about u being fat..ahaks..

  2. hello? I see no fat. NADA!!! ZILCH!

  3. jamie: smart ler wonder i love u soo much.... heee...:D

    sulin: oh no!! u see no fat? i think i better show u my fatss..... haihhh


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