Who Am I?

Sorry guys. Today my post will be a terrific emotional one. Let me start by asking you a few queries. Do people around you treat you for real? or just pretending? And do you consider them as one of your best buddies? And in return do they treat you the same like how you treat them? Today i will talk about these questions above.

Do people know who you really are? Or they just know you from the outlook appearances? Well. The idiom 'Don't judge a book by its cover' is always in my mind. Nevertheless no one really cares to know the meaning of the idiom. I do not care initially till i really realised something. The idiom really suits the situation immaculately!

Never ever trust the words from someone you know for like........ few weeks? or few months? They will tend to get close with you for the first time. And day by day, more spiteful words will come from their mouth. People who experienced it before will know how hurt it is.

Saying things behind your back is always the worst thing to do. And there are still people who love to do that. They think they are the God of 'SOMETHING'???!! They think that they control the whole situation? These people are just so snobbish!

Please be more matured! I know i might not be perfect but don't forget neither you nor anyone are perfect. You have our own personality and me too! So what's with the attitude you have? Trying to act in front of me that you are cool, clever, smart, intelligent, pretty or handsome? I respect you for who you are and please respect me as well okay? Learn to be more forgiving please!

I love you as much as i love myself. And in return things aren't go well as i expected. Don't ask me why cause i don't even know what went wrong in first place. Been given the courage to confront but in the end, i cancelled my intention to do so. What's life meant to me somehow? Having people to treat me like i'm a puppet or doll? I was totally dumbfounded. Why?!

Seriously i have a lot of things to type here. But i think i'll better put my post to an end. I'm afraid my readers will feel sleepy to continue it anymore. hehee. =)

Picture of the day ----->

Trying to be cute which i'm not suppose to. haha

Got to go. Having my last paper on next week! Wanna do revision already. Chaoz. :DDDD P/s: i miss my girl so much. heee heee.


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