GoodBye! *wave*

I'm back in KL again. This time I'm not going back to Taiping for long holidays. This is because I will be continuing my studies for YEAR 2. Sounded so old huh? How time flies! I'm moving to Year 2 already.

Yesterday wasn't a good day for me. Seeing my aunts and cousins came down from KL but i couldnt afford to join in the fun was pretty forlorn. All of them came down from KL to attend my cousin's wedding which is TODAY, but i couldnt go. =( It's been ages since I attended my cousin's wedding and now i couldnt attend. How doleful i am!

My dad, mummy and sis sent me to the bus station. I tried to control my tears when i hugged all of them. I didnt want to leave them so fast cause i hadn't spend much time with them yet. But ......... That's what i can do now- reminiscing the past.

The journey back to KL was sucks. The condition of the bus was unsatisfactory. I was feeling dizzy the whole journey. I had fruits with me in my bag but i didnt consume them at all because i worried i might throw out. =(

Anyway, i'm safe to reach my kl home. And moving to single room was the best part. How i wish my sis is here right now. teehee. :D

Sorry for not being able to visit you.
and thanks for the small token you gave.
I love you. =)


  1. havent talk to dad about my trip yet..btw sc got taylors under jpa...darn lucky rite?

  2. wah seh...quickly ask dad!!! :P hmm..lucky la....damn damn


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