What Lies Within.

Nothing can be done. I just did it. So sorry mum and dad! I couldnt make you proud of me. I'm just a failure for meantime. I'm really sorry. Tears kept rolling down when i thought about it for a moment. I couldnt stop myself from thinking about it. But I knew you would say no point crying over split milk! I knew it badly. I wished i could turn back the time. But does that mean I could start all over again to retrieve it back??!!

I wished nothing had happened before. But will I be able to escape from this??!! I guessed I won't. GOD had decided which path is the best for me to move. My heart keeps pounding very hard. Why is it so??!! Can anybody figure it out and tell me why?? Or i had made a big mistake AGAIN???!!!!

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully i didnt!

Sorry babe. I knew i put you in dilemma again. :'(