It was fun. I had to meet up with Pauline in Pavilion. At first, I had planned to go back to Taiping the day after my exam ended. Due to certain circumstances, i changed my plan. And thanks to her, i didnt spend my time in KL doing nothing. After finals, my life is so boring!

I went to Pavilion by bus. Not wanting to change monorail from Dang Wangi, so i insisted to waste one hour in the bus to go to Pavilion. Yup! All i have now is TIME! Now I'm totally free from exams and assignments. For sure i will waste the time. LOLx.

As soon as i reached there, i headed to the shops i wished to go. Been craving to go to Pavilion for months. heeeheee. I stepped into Roxy, Quiksilver, Puma and blah blah blah. Too many shops i went before Pauline came. Both of us met up in Puma shop instead. Once she reached, both of us headed to the information board to look up for places to eat. It was time for lunch. I suggested to go to Madam Kwan's. She agreed.

We took the elevator and Madam Kwan's was just right beside the elevator. =) Both of us went in. The ambience was nice but not to the extent of the word 'beautiful' to describe it.

Once we got the menu, i wanted to cry out. First i couldnt eat the nasi lemak cause it had chicken curry in it. I cant eat spicy food fyi. :( I ordered dumpling soup noodle instead.

My dumplings soup noodle

I had black jelly drink as well. When the drink came, i was totally shocked. It's a jelly drink which we normally called them 'cincau'. Swt!

The so-called Black Jelly Ice. Swt!

Pauline's nasi lemak

Our bill.

I would rate everything 4 out of 10. Sorry for making you disappointed, girl. :( If i knew, we should have tried others instead.

Upper view

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the shortest of us all?

Taking photo with one of the art displayed.

Pauline and i. =)

Right after our lunch, we headed to GSC to check out for the movie time. We chose to watch Star Trek. Since we have lots of time before our movie started, we walked around. We walked into Forever 21, Padini Concept Store and etc. In the end, we didnt buy anything. I'm running out of cash now. So ..... haha. :P And i tried one of the dress in Forever 21 and i was in love with it. =(

I love it. :D


We hurriedly walked to the GSC cause we were late. It's my first time stepping into the GSC Pavilion. So sorry i'm a real hooligan here. haha. And the movie was great! I love it. :DDDDD Spotted 17again poster and i will watch it once it releases. =)

We walked around and took lotsa pictures. aha. Normal ler... My daily routine! Haha.

i love the background. :)

My ss shot. Looked fierce right? haha

The decorations by Molecule. :)

She was trying to hide her cheek. haha

She opened her mouth. lol

In the toilet

I know i'm short. hmmm..

We stepped out from the mall and took pictures again before we bid farewell to each other. :)

Calvin Klein

Ss shot. teehee

The entrance

Gosh! i look pretty fat here! *sob*

We back about 6.30pm. We walked separate ways and i waited for the bus. It took me almost two hours to reach Wangsa Maju. Sweat. Not wanted to change monorail and saved a lil cash in my pocket made me wasted my time on the bus for nothing. haih. Never mind. I will take it as an experience. Thanks girl for accompanying me. =)


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