Spit it out!

Ok ok. I need to spit it out. Can God just be fair to me for once? I called and talked to my aunt just now. Thanks for cheering me up. Or else you will see my handphone soak with tears. :D I appreciated that a lot. Sorry for being peevish at that moment just now. :(

Life's been very dreadful for the past few days. WHY? Can anyone tell me why??!! I couldnt even validate it whether it was right or wrong. Life? Ahhhhh... Speechless about that! And speaking of that cant make me stop. So i'll just stop at this point. I have to move on no matter what. Right? Life is so short. Appreciate it even there are bad things happened for once in our lifetime. =)

Better stop blogging about melodramatic post or else my readers will feel sleepy. :D

Dont laugh when you look at this! :)

Trying to be emo for once la. hahaha. :b

Chaoz. =)

P/s: Three more papers to go. Zzzzz. *waiting*


  1. cheer up..
    i m nt sure wat happened bt i blif everything is goin 2 b fine..
    gambade 4 d coming papers..

  2. thanks friend.. :D thanks for the support.. =)


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