Prize Giving Day

Talking about this make me feel solemn. This will be the last prize giving ceremony i'm attending after this year. This is because no one will be studying in that particular school anymore. And the particular school i'm refering too is

SMK Convent, Taiping. =)
I'm proud to be part of Convent. Thanks for bringing me up with knowledges and making me to learn something which i would never ever get from the outside. I love my friends and teachers in SMC even though I had a lot of sweet and bad memories in it. But this made me grew up day by day.

I attended the ceremony with my mummy. To be exact, I went there to be busybody only in addition accompanying my mummy. I'm not even a mother of somebody but a sister. :b

Oh no! I'm a stranger here. I didnt even know the teachers here. All i know is Mr Tan, my Physics and Add Maths teacher and Puan Soo. The rest i think i didnt know. More and more new teachers in SMC now. That made me an alien over there. I couldn't see Mrs Cecilia at all. Wonder where was she. Miss her though. :D

Spotted Madam Lee (my MUET teacher in HL) and chitchatted with her. It's nice meeting her. She came to represent her daughter to receive the SPM High Achiever Award. =) Spotted May Ling as well. And she will be coming over to KL campus to continue her studies. Hooray! We can go back to Taiping together. :D

So let my pictures do all the talking. ----->

The stage

The principal was giving her speech

Guest of Honour, Alice Teen giving her speech

Choral Speaking team

Indian dancer
Traditional fan dance

Top SPM student. Good job girl! =)

SPM High Achievers. Congratulations!

School Hall
Babe May Ling and i. :D