Two-Day Trip (Part 1)

Though the time is short, i enjoyed every moments with my family. :) Mummy woke us up very early to get ourselves ready to go to KL later on.

She was getting ready to go to KL for her graduation day. And she is graduated finally! Congratulations mummy! =) We started our journey in the morning and stopped by at Ipoh to have my usual favorite dim sums. =)

Oh no! I miss the dim sums soooooooo much! We met up with Uncle and Auntie Michael for breakfast as usual. We continued our journey. Meantime, we camwhored in the car. hehee.

lazy smile


lil girl and i.

serious look. lolx

2hours later we reached KL. Daddy drove us to Wangsa Maju to pay a visit at my house in KL. After visiting my house, we headed to Swiss Garden Hotel.

Closer look at the logo

All of us were so dumb that we made a silly mistake. We didnt know how to operate the elevator. This elevator needs a room card to access. Without the card, we couldnt go up to our room using the escalator. My dad taught us how to use it. And it was my first time experiencing this. heeheee.

this is how the escalator look like.

my sis posing with the buttons. :b

As soon as we reached the room, here came our crazy moment- taking photos. heehee. :D


another shot

posing with the TV. =)

jumping with joy. heehee.

another ss shot

Once we reached there, three of us walked to Bukit Bintang to go shopping leaving daddy with his friends. My daddy has a lot of friends all over Malaysia. :) Mummy, sis and i met up with cousins and aunts in Sungei Wang Plaza. Mummy bought a lot of things for us. From chocolates to my sister's favourite gummy bears. :)

my favourite macadamia chocs and sis's gummy bears

I didnt take any photos with my cousins and aunts cause we were too busy chitchatting. heehe. We found a place to chitchat. First, we settled down at KFC, then followed by McD and later on, by the road side. Too many things to chat till all the shops closed. hehe. My aunt sent us back to hotel. :)

Here's the photos of the night view of the hotel. :)

My first day ended with my beauty sleep. =) Gotta wake up early for buffet breakfast the next morning.


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