A Lesson to be Learnt.

Oops. Sorry for being late! Was too lazy to update one because all the photos were in my laptop and i'm writing this blog using my sister's pc. This post will be published without photos. Zzz. Sorry. Will update another one with the latest pictures. (My face is damn ugly now. S***)

Was in Taiping few days ago. First of all, nothing much i would say. Plans were cancelled due to some reasons. *sad* Somehow, not much time left for me to gather with all of you and you guys kept cancelling our plans. And never ever blame me for not going out with you guys cause my daddy had given me the right to go out with friends. I was looking forward to meet all of you and all of a sudden ........... I was upset. But never mind.

Hopefully things will change.

Another big thing, I met with an accident in Sentral the other day. My first time driving in Taiping after for few weeks in KL. I'm in bad luck, daddy! Go and buy new car can? haha. Having another excuse to change a new car. lolx. Somehow, i didnt panick. But i got down from the car and ordered him to get down from the car too. He told me to park my car by the road side because i was blocking the cars that were behind us.

He bang my car's ass. I was freaking agitated. Who cares? He is a Chinese man anyway. And he was good looking too. lolx. My sister sounded him as well. He said it was only a few scratches. Hello!!!!!! A few scratches means you DON'T have to pay for it????!!!!!!!! Even it's only a small scratch, my dad will send it to the workshop to repair ok? Don't try to fool me anyway. I got a very 'good' experience. He wanted to pay some cash and i told him that i didnt want to accept.

I asked for his handphone number and jotted down his car plate number in case he plans to escape from paying that amount of money for my car's damage. My car looked so fine from the outside but the internal parts of the car were broken. *sob*

We headed home after we settled it and both sis and i were laughing all the way back. Both of us were so fierce towards the guy actually. We acted as if we were the gangsters. We couldnt even be serious for a few seconds on our way back for we knew our daddy would scold us if we had tiny scratches on the car.

Ok! Time to be serious now! This was our conversation. I told my sister to start the conversation first.

Daddy: Where did both of you go?
Jamie: Hmm... Daddy, we met with an accident just now. *nervous*
Daddy: Where? *normal tone*
Janice: That fella bang the ass. And he will pay for the damage.
Daddy: I'll call Uncle to come and pick the car now.
Jamie & Janice: Ok. *let out a sigh of relief and jumping with joy*

He didn't scold at all. Not a single harsh words from him. :P But he said it's my first time driving and a tiny accident could actually happen. I think i have some misunderstandings with the roads in Taiping. Hmmm.. I wonder. I shall call my sister to fetch me next time. My daddy even laughed at my actions when my sister and i explained to him. Thank god my sister and i weren't hurt. =)

The moral of the story is don't DRIVE car! haha. *joking*


  1. lol. it's lucky u2 escaped injuries! =)

  2. thank god u are ok~ Drive car is better than motor leh.. car injured can go repair. I also banned my brother to ride motor ad.. motor oso sold liao.. ahha.. my family anti-riding motor. haha...

  3. sulin: yup..both of us were lucky...thank god... hehee

    jia: hm..but i think u noe i love riding bike right? hhehe....my dad dont anti motor but my mum does.. haha..even my dad's mechanic forbade me from riding motor as well.. haha....

  4. "And he was good looking too"

    was laughing when i read this. aha. since you have his hp number maybe u might consider to get to know him? hahaha :P

  5. sushan babe : lol..yea...i shud get the chance to know him as well.. but too bad he is married my dear.. ahahaha


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