It was cool. I had to meet up with Shi Hui, Way Choon, Kuo Chin, Eng Han, Pui Zheng and Eng Han for movie. =) Six of us watched Angels and Demons. The cinema was freaking cold and i was shivering even though i had my jackets on. The movie was awesome. Talking about the idea of a historical conflict between science and religion, particularly that between the Illuminati and the Roman Catholic Church.. Too cool! I love this movie so much.

After the movie, we walked around the mall. And here i come. Photos time! heehee.

Without KC (He is the cameraman)


My dearest. =)

Six of us had dinner at Sushi King later on. Poor Way Choon! We teased him all the way. haha. And to be exact, we just love to tease him. hehee... As usual, we chitchatted nonstop. We didnt know that Eng Han's sister is the assistant manager of Sushi King. hmm. Can ask for more discount next time! Lolx.

Sushi King

While chatting, i spotted Nicole outside. I walked out from the restaurant and hugged her. Miss her so much though. We promised each other to have a gathering before I'm going back to KL end of this month. *sad*

Then, we continued chatting and taking photos. hehe. =P

Pz with his set meal.

Pz and Kc

Curry noodle set meal

Crazy Wc

Please ignore Wc! haha

Our golden balls

Shi Hui and i shared this.

Our plates

We went back after our dinner. Thanks for everything! Love you guys. =)