I'm A Standout In Life

I dont really know how standout i am in life. But i will give myself a try whether i'm eligible to win the invitation to this event.

First of all, I don't go jogging when i was young. I only go for brisk walking with parents since I was young. As time flies, i realised i'm putting on weight. I never believe myself putting on weight drastically. =( A good friend of mine kept on telling me that i'm FAT. His words made me who I am today! Thanks Dan! This urged me to start jogging in my hometown. I went jogging almost everyday regardless the condition of the weather . I tried my best to avoid from consuming junk food for almost two months. I even weighed myself everyday to check whether i had reduced my weight. And after 3months, I managed to lose 4kgs! Initially, I wore L size tshirts and I managed to reduce to one size smaller! I'm proud of myself. And right now, i love jogging very much! Nothing is impossible!

Secondly, I don't eat spicy food. I can't eat curry, tomyam, sambal belacan and etc etc. I dont inherit this from my parents because my parents and even my siblings love spicy food. I'm the odd one.

I'm talkative when i was in secondary school. Almost all the teachers complained that i was too noisy. But back in pre-university, I was no longer talkative. I turned myself into a quiet person. Surprising? Things might changed somehow.

I dislike watching movies. I feel it's a waste of time watching movies. That makes my life quite dull and boring! And my first time watching in a cinema was last year where i watched with my coursemates. I found out that watching movies could be that fun and exciting. And seriously I'm not fond of watching horror movies. People who dont know me will not believe that i dont watch horror movies. I cant sleep once i watch horror movies and i will start hallucinating.

I'm a great actress when I was in primary school. I love to act when I was young. And i was a good singer as well. I won first prize in singing competition when i was in Standard 2.

There was once i cycled from my house to my secondary school with my neighbour aka school mate. It was 4km journey long! A great and wonderful experience because my house is situated near the hill. Poor us! We had to cycle back on steep roads.

I love riding motorcycle wherever i go. I ride motorcycle to school everyday. And there was once I was caught in the rain and drenched to the skin once i reached home. My school uniform was terribly wet. It was as if having bath with my uniform on! lolx.

I hate sleeping and waking up late. If you happen to see me sleeping and waking up late, that means I'm busy preparing for exams.


  1. You r special in ur own way. Be yourself & enjoy life to the fullest. I & my son enjoy movies very much. We watched 4 movies on 1 go, planned to go for 5th, but the daddy gave up, hmm. All the best!

  2. ohh? all the best to u too... :)

  3. what's this stand out thingy?


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