Two-Day Trip (Part 2)

Having myself woke up that early in the morning to go for buffet breakfast with my sister. Got myself ready and waited for mummy to prepare herself for the Graduation Day at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Her big day started at 8am. So she couldnt follow us for breakfast. Daddy didn't go with us cause he would be having breakfast with his friends later on. My sister and i would be having two breakfast in a day! That means we would be going together with dad for breakfast as well. Sigh!

Mummy in her formal look. :)

We had our buffet breakfast at Flavors Restaurant. The ambience isnt that bad. Here the photos i had taken.

Flavors Restaurant

Changing colours of the lights. XD

Can i have one bottle of wine for FREE? :b

There were too many food. Sis and i were drooling. lolx. Most importantly, we had cereals with milk for breakfast-our favourite anyway. heeeheee....Let my pictures do the talking ok? No more elaborations from me. Too lethargic already! :b

My breakfast. :D

Cereals of the day.

fruits and yoghurt. =)

with my fruits and yoghurt. :)

taken from upstairs. =)

In the elevator

My room

While waiting for mummy to finish her big day, we waited in the hotel and checked out the room at 2pm. We started our journey right after we finished our lunch at KFC.

Here's the photos we took while we were in the car. *camwhoring as usual* LOLX.

We stopped by Ipoh again! Had tea with Uncle Michael and dinner as well. We reached home at 11pm. =)