16hrs to go

16 hrs to go before my chemistry for engineering exam starts.:) initially, i was excited to do chemistry test..but too bad im not. too many things to study..sobs. from alkenes to alkynes..from benzene to carbonyl compounds, carboxylic acids, lipids ( which i hate the most), ethers and epoxides (rather hard), amines, alcohols and blah blah blah.. too many...each chapters are too long to finish.. haih.. oh ya, the chapter that im confused the most is NMR spectroscopy. with chemical shift and identification of carbon and hydrogen atoms in a chemical structure make me feel so sick of it. i did put alot of effort to understand it.. and yet i got wrong for the answers that i did during mid term test. haih.. it was fun to study NMR actually. but when i got wrong for doing that question, i feel that no words can ever describe my feeling. *sigh* wish me luck for the coming exam. and after this exam, that is the end of my year one semester one in utar.. :D