nice trip..:)

it was early in the morning that i had planned with my baby to go jogging in lake garden. when i woke up, to my surprise, my dad woke up at the same and told us to get ready to pack our luggage to go to ipoh to stay overnight over there. i told him i wanted to go jogging first before that. it was quite early to go ipoh actually..and luckily my dad soon as i came back from lake garden, i quickly took bathe and got ready all my things. we started our journey at 10am. cause i helped my mum with housework before we left to ipoh. when we reached ipoh, my dad took me to his friend's restaurant to have our so-called breakfast. we have japanese mee and fish noodle for our breakfast. i was too full till i couldnt walk. :( then, my dad offered to fetch us to ipoh parade for shopping as our hotel is just opposite the shopping mall. then he dropped us in ipoh parade and he went to look for his friends. my mum, sis and i shopped nonstop. we just bought whatever we want. ahah...thank god my mum had enough cash with her..=) then we shopped till our legs were tired. we finally decide to walk to our hotel and rest. my mum and dad's room was so far from my room. never mind.. we can have more freedom!! ehe :P my dad told us to get ready for the function. we had to change asap... i wore a black dress while my mummy, daddy and sis wore white. i the odd one? ehe.. we took a lift to lobby and walked to the ballroom. the decorations for the function was fantastic! hydrogen balloons were decorated beautifully. :) the food that were being served were not bad. the dinner ended at 11pm. sis, mum n i went back to our room and rest. my sis and i studied before we slept.

the next morning, my mum called us and woke us up before 7am to have our buffet breakfast at the hotel's coffee house. damn.. it was too early that my sis and i couldnt wake up. but we forced ourselves to do so. then we got ready and went to find mum and dad. we went down to the coffee house for breakfast. can u believe that my breakfast on 7something? early breakfast i would say. but that early did not affect my stomach to eat less.. instead i ate alot. aha..yum yum!! i had all kinds of food for my breakfast. since it was a buffet breakfast, i had nasilemak,hams, sausages,pau,cereals,fruits,orange juice and curry puffs. :) is that alot? aha.. then we headed back to our own hotel room.. i studied for awhile before i fell asleep on the couch. aha..before i managed to lei on the bed, my mum called and said she wanted to come over. then i continued sleeping till 9something when my dad called and ask us to pack our luggage to check out. to my surprise, we are heading to eat another breakfast which is dimsum. (my favourite)...ehe.. wow, DOUBLE BREAKFAST!!! i tried to control myself from eating.. but too bad i cant cos i had been craving for dimsum since i studied in kl. and this popular dimsum restaurant had been my favourite spot to have my dimsum in ipoh since i was young. then, my mum went jusco to do another shopping. dad didnt follow us. u know..guys hardly can go shopping with ladies..ahaha. my dad prefered to join his friends and chitchatting. again, we bought alot of things. amazing huh? aha..we shopped till 5something and dad fetched us home..though it is a tired trip, i enjoyed it alot as i can spend some time with my family after for so long. :)

the ballroom was decorated beautifully

my cheeky sis and i