another day...

i had been in taiping for two days.. today wasnt a good day for me..i was having major flu..worst flu of the year...this morning i couldnt wake up to go jogging...damn me...about 10am, finally i woke up.. i was totally aunt called me an asking me to help her to cook..aha..i told rather lazy at that moment. i told her to give me a few minutes break to reduce my blurness for a moment. my flu couldnt stop. aunt told me to get flu tablet and ate it up.. but i told her i couldnt eat at that moment cause the tablet will make me feel sleepy.. i will eat it tonight. :D then, after waiting for my sis to come back, i played with her.. both of us are crazy.. acted like a two year old kids..ahaha...just missed the time fooling around with her.. after this, i went out with my aunt to visit my another aunt. i drove my sister's car..that kenari is no longer my car.. i got only bike for now..ahaha...pity me..but never mind..cause i dun mind sharing with my sister.. :) about 2.15pm i reached home.. then i played with my laptop for awhile. watched moonlight resonance with my aunt again. about 4pm, i went to take a nap cause i felt so sleepy.. i woke up at 5 pm and went jogging.. i couldnt jog long today..stupid janice.. :P i stopped jogging at the zoo.. my flu was very bad..making my nose block and i couldnt breathe..sob.. so i just have to stop. after this, i went back and watched tv. after that, i went out with my best buddy, kc and wc.. kc fetched me n wc to prima cafe..three of us chatted nonstop..i enjoyed myself very much.. im happy to meet them back..miss them so much.. its been like ages we dint c each other.. :) hope to c u guys again..muacksss.. :)


  1. aww..i sayang i more flu d for sure

  2. get well soon of ur flu..ishh..
    and take good care when ur working k?
    happy working! =) syg u also..ehe..


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