amazing :)

aha..i cant believe that i didnt sleep for more than 20 hrs. eventually i got headache right after my thermo exam was ended yesterday. but i duwana to rest even for a second cause i duwana to give up on my coming paper. my favourite subject ... (i guess u know)...ehehe. hm..i was studying the whole day. feeling so restless and yet i dint want to sleep at all.. never mind..anything i would do for my lil chemistry. ehe.:D later about 5 something, my housemate fetched me, shuyin n wanjie to buy our dinner. we bought kueyteow soup with minced pork. hmm..lovely..i missed it so much. since i stayed in kl, i havent get the chance to eat kueyteow soup. these few weeks i only eat fried food which is totally unhealthy for me. but what to do?? anything for my exam. i duwana waste any time to go for dinner at wangsa which is a walking distance from the place i stay. but it will waste alot of time walking to and fro jus to have our dinner. so no point right? i rather have my dinner at my condo's coffee shop. after we had bought our dinner, my housemate sent us back using the other way cos we afraid that we might caught in traffic. aha.. still the same. we were caught in a traffic too. cos it was peak hour. mostly it was the time where everyone just back from soon as i reached home, i quickly had my dinner while watching a chinese series which was aired on ntv7. after that, i took a bathe and continued studying. later, we had rainbow glutinous rice ball in genting klang as our so called 'teatime'.. aha.. first time ever i had this rainbow glutinous rice ball. it was nice. i even ate cola french fries. delicious. something different.. ahaa... then we went home. i continued studying again till 5am. too tired to continue studying. will be a brand new day for me.. :D