finally my finals were over.. i need not have to worry bout it anymore...excited to enjoy my 3months break.. :D well...i wanted to go bek soon..but due to my lil cute cheeky sis having her trials, i couldnt go back as soon as i finished my exam. i will just have to go back to taiping about 3 to 4 days later..hm..really miss those times when im with my lil sister..crapping from morning till night whenever i gobek taiping just for two days. :D baby, i really enjoy having u as my sister...ur my best sister i ever had though we quarrel sometimes. but that wun spoil our sister-ship rite? ehe...hmm...looking forward to c u..muaxxxxx


  1. haha...i guess u shud noe this..i've been having countdown for the number of days before u come back..haha...and i'm crazy!! keep reminding every1 dat u;re coming back..lolx..mulu

  2. oik..its lumu..wah, im so touched..ahaha..now im bek but ur busy.sobb


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