first day of work.. was my first day of work in shopalot in taiping sentral.. i woke up early at 7am to go jogging as usual. after jogging, i got myself ready and got ready for work..i reached there about 9.15am. but when i reached there, the whole building was dark. i got up by the escalator and walked to my shop. the doors were closed. after a few minutes of standing outside the door, i noticed there's a pathway to the shop by using the back door. i walked in and told the supervisor that it was my first day of work. i was in charged of working in ruscoe. i had never heard of ruscoe..but the stuffs that are sold in ruscoe are rather expensive.. i was told by my supervisor that no handphones were allowed during work.. haih.. never mind. i just have to sms in the rest room when i am able to. ehehe. hmm..i couldnt wait for my lunch time cause im meeting shihui and zian for lunch. three of us walked to tesco to have our lunch. we wanted to have lunch at tesco food court. but it wasnt worth it. so we walked inside the tesco to buy our lunch. the tesco was crowded..a lot of people in tesco busy buying food..hmmph.. we walked to the food section to find cheapest food as our lunch. then, we spotted sardine,curry and anchovies puffs. the puffs were cheap cause we got one free for each of the puffs that we purchased. i was happy cause i can save money.. whee... :D about 1.40pm, we walked back to taiping sentral. three of us walked to find c2o. i told him that i duwana work again.. ahaha...cause i dint have the mood to work. my daddy asked me dont work and relax at home. perhaps i need some time to consider whether i wana continue working. haih.. about 2pm, i had to rush back to work. haih. while i was worknig, i met cerenna, and amirah. nice meeting them. about 5.40pm, shihui came to find me cos she was having her break. i couldnt have mine cause i was working from 10a.m till 7p.m only. haih. never mind. i can go back home and have my dinner.. ehehe. about 6pm later, c2o came to my place and chatted with me...few minutes later, zian came in..both of them wanted to have their they dropped by at my place before going for dinner. later, i was busy serving the customers.. about 7pm, i carried my bag and ready to go back home..whee... before i went back, i visited zian, c2o and sh. i reached home and have my delicious dinner.. whee...pray that tomorrow will be a better day for me... let's pray for the best. :)