i am back

it is my second blog of the day. pretty tired after studying statics for few hours. now, i wanna write a blog to relax. ehe. i just had few pieces of bread and a bun for my lunch. this morning, i had an oat drink which made me rather full till 2 p.m. i was hungry and hurriedly went down to the shop to buy some food to eat. initially, i planned to eat fried kuey teow for my lunch. all of a sudden, i felt i did not eat bread for quite some time. so i bought a loaf of bread, a packet of twiggies and an anchovies sambal bun. it cost me rm4.20. aha. i can still keep it and eat for tomorrow's breakfast. cheap huh? ehhe... enjoyed my so-called lunch. :)


  1. wahhh..eat so many breads?? dint giv some to me?? haha..i long time no eat bread also d lerr.. by the way we must jia you for the coming papers k..after exam ni can relax d.. =) + u


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