2 more to go

hm..static was just over. now i still left two more papers. the coming paper is rather tough though it is an open book test. sigh. hmm..wonder will i get through this semester or not? sob. dare not think about it when i started to think about it. :( hmm...been really stressful these few days. wanted to cry but housemates were around. so i have to stop my tears from rolling down my cheek. :( uh..never mind..just do my best.. :) hmm..i did something stupid yesterday..ehehe...

this is what i do when i was studying. aha.


  1. siao piggy..never know u good in drawing huh! hehe. hmm..dont cry la k? aikss..stil left 2 papers for u..jia you..all will support u! =)


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