plans after final exam.. :) soon as i had finished my exam,i went midv to enjoy myself. was happy even though im tired. :) took lrt from wangsa maju to bangsar and took bus to reach midv. :D as soon as i reached there, there were a lot of people around. now it's fasting everyone especially the malays were there. too crowded. hmmph.. about 6 something i was hungry and tried to look for a place to eat. wanted to nandos but the place was fully booked. haih. went to fish market manhattan. again it is fully booked. never mind. went sushi king, no body wanted to serve us. was too hungry. sob. then i took lrt back and went to klcc to have my dinner at kim gary. :D hm.. i enjoyed myself. cause not many people were there. then went back. i watched moonlight resonance. i dint catch up with the show since i was busy having exam. i slept at 2 am. guess tomorrow will be a better day.

busy eating mango snow mellow.. :)

the next day, i went midv with shuyin, wanjie and jiunn shyan again. went for dinner at sushi king. finally i get to eat sushi..ahaha.. hm..then we went for a movie. lame-iest movie i had ever watch. my third time watching movie in cinema. i never watched in cinema before cause i felt it is a waste of time and money. i rather take the time to go shopping than watching movie. ehehe.. hm..i watch the movie because i wanted to get the experience watching in cinema plus i wanted to enjoy with my friends before im coming back to taiping to grow some fungus. *ehe*
i guess tomorrow will be a better day too.. :D

took a pic in a car..aha

the following day,shu, js and i went one utama. i wanted to go badly since last year. thanks to js. or else i wouldnt get the chance to go. :) went wong kok for lunch. our lunch is at 4pm. cause we went there late. after our lunch, its shopping time. shu n i bought a bracelet each. and i bought a pair of earrings for my lil girl. i bet she will like it. =) went into nichii..i tried on a black gown. it was nice. i dint buy. just wanted to try for fun. i can try them on in the fitting room for FREE.. ehe.. then went to padini. tried a jacket. nice. but i duwana buy cause i had one already. and my dream for now is to get a nike jacket. and i will get it soon.ahaha.. and i wanted to get one for my lil girl also. i also went to forever 21 to try all the clothes shu and i had chosen. i like them..but i just tried it for fun cause i dont think i will have the chance to wear them out. i went tropicana life to get a cool jacket for my sis. but it wasnt nice. especially the design. i will get her one next time. i went to the nike shop too.. the shop was too small.. went another nike shop. nothing to buy. the nike shops in one utama are small. not much choices in one utama. nike pavilion is better.. ehehe. then wj and her friends met us up in one utama. she was in sungei wang before she came. after that we went to have our pancakes at paddington. the pancakes were delicious. i love the topping especially. :) will bring my sis to have them one day. ehehe... then went back home after this. enjoyable day.
as soon as i had reached home, i quickly took a bath. we did some cleaning in the kitchen till 3 something because all of us are going back to hometown for semester break. went to bed at 4 something.

took a pic in 1 utama's wong kok char chan teng.. :)
the drinks that we had ordered in wong kok.. =) (mine was the tallest..ehe)

pancake that was ordered by me.. :)

the next morning, i packed all my stuffs into the luggage cause i am going back to my hometown for three months. :) went to wangsa maju lrt at 10 a.m. reached pudu lrt at 10.40 a.m. i waited for the time to pass.. ehe.. about 11.25a.m i got up into the bus and planned to sleep. before that, my mummy called me asking me whether i had started my journey or not. then i called my dad and my aunt. started my journey back to taiping at 11.35a.m. i took a nap in the bus. couldnt sleep well. the seat was uncomfortable. i reached kamunting bus station about 3.30pm. my dad fetched me home. :) im glad that im back home. i quickly had my lunch. about 5pm, i went jogging before meeting up with yuyuan and kimsoon at 5.30p.m in lake garden. yuyuan called shijia..and four of us chatted happily. talking about our university life, how tough our courses and so on. later, we met ah beh and we continued chatting till 7 something. i had to go back as it was dark. i was riding bike to lake garden. rather dangerous. my mummy n daddy were worried about me. so i better rushed back. chatted with mummy n daddy..
after this, i quickly took a bath and started to do my housework. my normal routine at home. i didnt mind helping my mummy.pity her. after work, she had to go back home and do housework. so, i will help her. :D then, i watched moonlight resonance with my aunt using my laptop. pity my sis..she couldnt watch it because she was having spm trial exam. i went to bed about 12a.m. i guess tomorrow will be a great day for me again.