moon cake celebration

yesterday was moon cake festival..i didn't get to celebrate with my family because im having final exam. sob.. the first time i didnt get the chance to celebrate with my family. each year, my dad will organize a dinner in conjunction with moon cake celebration. normally, my sis and i will go to the dinner to accompany each other. :) not only that, both of us always seemed to be the youngest ones in the dinner.. pretty great huh? ahaha.. back in kl, we had dinner at nandos since we did not get to celebrate with family. ehe.. not really celebrate actually. just a dinner. i had 1/4 chicken with potato salad and peri chips. not bad. i love it. when i have the chance to eat again, i will bring my sister along.. ehehe.. :) after dinner, i bought two apples to eat since i dint eat any fruits when i was busy having exam.. rather hectic. busy with this n that. *sigh* looking forward to enjoy my life in my hometown- taiping since my dad doesnt let me work in kl.ahaha..:)