boring day

as usual i try to wake up early though i sleep late or early every night. but it wouldnt work at all.. what a lazy girl huh???!!! hmm...feeling tired in these few days. i couldnt wake up early to take my maths exam after all..great!!, i didn't online much. i was busy preparing for thermo paper.. it is a tough subject. i spent almost 4 days to look through all the chapters that were being taught. luckily it is an open book test. or else i am going to become a dead fish soon. aha.. now i was too tired to look at the chemistry notes. so i decided to write a blog. while i was searching for my page to write a blog, i saw my lil baby's blog. oh? since when my baby like to write blog? ahhaa... i am glad to see my sister writing blog. cause i will be able to know what is she doing in taiping all day..:) hmm..i dint noe im such a great influence to happy...i just love her so much...i was upset when i read her blog. she was having stomach pain..pity her..few days already.. and why the stupid pain havent go off from her lil tummy? pity...luckily she can rest at home since she will not have to go to school.. :) wish her 'get well soon'...muaxxxx :D