wonderful day?

wonderful day? i guess it's not. i woke up at 6.50am this morning. my dad called me to go jogging. my mum was going too..eehehe...my sis woke up too. but she was joining her friends for volleyball. i jogged nonstop for one and a half round today. amazing. ahah.. i am proud of myself. :D hmm..then went for breakfast with my mummy and daddy. had wantan mee..hmm..miss that..yum yum.. :) dint eat that for centuries. aha.. then, i reached home at 8.10am. went out to market at 8.30am. bought alot of things in the market. met beeting in the market.. chatted with her for awhile. went back about 9.30am. took a nap till 11.30am. quite tired.. took a bathe and get ready for work. suddenly i called my colleagues and told her that i wanted to stop working. it wasnt fun to work there. not my type. i rather stay at home or perhaps go jogging everyday. :D since all my ex-collegues had been complaining that i had grown fatter since the day i had stopped working. so i must prove to them that i can do it. get back my old shape and make them proud of me.. ehehee.... =)


  1. hmm...i'll be proud of u first..and u're a lil bit thinner d

  2. oh really?
    thanks babyyyyyy....lumu... :D


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