3 days more

i still have three days to finish up all my statics' syllabus before my exam.. but it seems doesn't work. i read the notes,i did some questions yet i still feel unclear about the chapters. i love this subject very much.. eventually i love all the subjects i'm studying for my course now. but when i do not know how to do it, everything seems turn to hatred. i hate the subjects so much yet i still do not want to give up. i know my mummy and daddy put high hope on me.. and i really do not want to disappoint them. oh god!! can tell me what to do?? i really don't want to make myself to become an useless person in future. what should i do? tell me please. my problems for now is only studies.. STUDIES AND STUDIES!!! oh no...i just want to focus on studies and WHY don't you just grant my wish?? i am depressed right now.. i need my baby!! help me girl!!! now my only way to reduce stress is blogging and expressed all my feelings through here. but it seems to work only 20% out of 100%.. :( damn.. is there anymore way to reduce it? haihhh...

this is because of studying too much. :( that is why i feel so depressed