yesterday i could not sleep... was worrying too much about my exam tomorrow which is mathematics... this subject had been my worst subject since i was in secondary school. frankly speaking, i hate figures and numbers. but i could not just hate the subject for that stupid reason. i will just have to work hard for it as the current course i am studying requires a lot of calculations. i once ever wished not to study any of the courses that require mathematics. but it seems i cant because my favourite course have to study mathematics. *sigh* i tried to sleep at 3.45am yesterday. but i kept on rolling on the bed till 4.10am before i could really put myself into deep sleep. wished i could wake up early to continue doing my mathematics. it was fun to do mathematics especially when you know how to do them. but if  you happened not knowing how to do any of the questions, you will tend to look angry and frustrated. so be prepared for tomorrow's exam.. i wish all my course mates, "good luck!!!". :) pray hard for it!! :)


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