OMG!!! i woke up late for exam today... i quickly rushed to the taxi stand to get a cab.. pretty worried that i might late for exam.. luckily i managed to get there on time...phew~~ then, i went in to take exam.. and all of a sudden, i just realised that i forgot to bring my calculator to exam hall!! oh no!!! i raised up my hand and told the person in-charge that i wanted to go out from the hall to get my calculator. he scolded me..i was quite pissed off.. i just told him i wasn't there when he gave some briefing before the exam started.  you know the feeling of being late for exam and all of a sudden u forgot to bring your stationaries to exam hall... was pretty hectic and pissed off actually.. and it ended the paper turned to be a tough paper. i knew how to do. but when i'm late for exam, it seemed that i forgot almost everything. then no point taking exam right? *sigh* i slept late actually.. that was why i'm late for exam. plus i couldn't sleep even i lied on the bed and planned to sleep. damn.. why was going on with me? insomnia? maybe.. lately i couldn't sleep at all.. last time, i used to sleep quite early even though i'm busy no matter what. and i will wake up early the next morning. but my sleeping time has totally changed. i'm no longer the girl who used to sleep and wake up early. i'm pretty worried that i will become a nocturnal soon... god!! please tell me what to do!!!!!! sob


  1. aikss..reli pity u..haihhh..
    dont think bout it d yaa..make sure
    no nex time! haha..ehh..same thing
    happens here..i duwana be noctural


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