phew...i managed to complete one paper today.. :) it was thermodynamics exam. i was neither happy nor sad cause i knew how to do the questions. unfortunately, i couldnt finish them on time. initially i knew how to do it. but how come the time is running so fast? haih... if i were given another half an hour, i can complete all the questions that were given. no point crying over split milk. now i just hope that the results aren't as bad as what i thought. just pray for the best. :) and i still have one more paper left which is my favourite subject - CHEMISTRY !! :) i still have two days for me to get prepared everything and try my very best to score good marks for this subject. :) pray hard for me especially my baby out there.. :D miss u so much...:)


  1. adui..maybe u were spending too much time on one particular Q..well couldnt say anything more as i dunno how ur Qs look like=) anyway good luck in ur chemistry..=)


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