We talked on the phone after i handed up my lab reports and stood by the road side and chitchatting while waiting for my friends. Here was our conversation.

Jam: Hey, why you reject my call when i was about to pick it? zzz.

Jan: I thought of calling for u for a moment and suddenly i changed my mind. Then, i called again. :P

Jam: Eik, when are you coming back?

Jan: Hmm. What time should i be back? 1.3opm or 2pm?

Jam: Oik, i thought you are suppose to be back in the evening cause you told me you will be having classes in the morning. I mean starting your journey in the evening?

Jan: I will finish my class at 12pm. So i will be back at afternoon and will reach Taiping in the evening. I wanna go to SMC pesta ria ler. Wanna visit my school. :P

Jam: I dont think you will make it.But they will be having concert at night. You can come if you want.

Jan: Adui. The admission isnt free right? And you talk like you are still in the school. LOL. How to get the ticket for me? =P

Jam: Ahhh, we will see how then. *giggle*

Jan: B, the ipod shuffle very cheap only. I plan to get one. And ipod nano got purple in colour!!! Shit!

Jam: Hmm. Yeah. Looking through now. *in front of the computer* I want one too. Haih. Kor la. Ask him to give his to me but he refused. ish ish.

Jan: I want the 2nd generation of ipod. :(

Jam: What's the difference by the way?

Jan: *busy explaining to her* Stupid la u. Like that also dont know. Ahhh...Never mind i'll get one for you then. :D

Jam: I want ipod touch ler. You idiot la. You got a lot of money is it?

Jan: Are you crazy? I said i wanna get you the cheap one. You ask me to get ipod touch for you. ish ish. I rather get i-phone for myself than ipod touch. And where's your mp4?

Jam: The battery siao siao already. Haha. Hmm. Seriously im desperate for ipod. I want IPOD!!!!

Jan: Stupid la u. :b (we get used to scold each other like that.haha) You ask kor to give you his ipod. And i get one purple for myself. Maybe we can exchange someday? *dreaming*

Spotted friends walking towards the car.

Jan: Eik, b. Gotta go. Going back now. I'll call you later ok? Bye. Muax.

That conversation took me exacly 14minutes. Talking about ipod thingy took us so long. haha. =b

P/s: I'll make our dreams come true. Hehe. :b

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