I am back!! (lolx. i stopped blogging for a day only. :P ) Freaking relieved when my maths midterm was finally over. WHEEE... And that will be my last midterm test of this semester. But too bad i still have two quizes to go. Sob. :( I still have to finish up my two lab reports. And tomorrow will be an off day for CL Y1S2 students. =)))))))) But there will be no off day for me as i need to go to university for lab. Zzzzz.. NOt fair!!!

And today both sis and i had important missions to do. Finally she had completed hers and i had completed mine. And now i will be waiting for good news. hehe. And i will having good and long sleep tonight finally. Longing to sleep now. But not tired. =( Couldnt sleep at such time. Maybe i will sleep at 10pm tonight. LOL.

Alright. Gotta stop here. Wanna continue to do other things. Chaoz. Enjoy while you can. =)