Something Personal.

Wish to pen down something right now. And I'm freaking sorry for the things that I had done to YOU and vice versa. Life's been quite busy for me for the past few months. And finally i got the chance to settle down and relax. (Maybe i can't be relaxing at all time cause FINALS are coming pretty soon.) The advices i got from YOU had meant a lot to me since i got to know you. But right now, it is something that will always remain in my heart cause i knew you wont be doing that to me anymore. YEAH! Served me right! I deserved all that after all. No one cares for me like how she cared for me anymore. And thank god I just realised i had her by my side forever no matter what happened. :) No matter what happens you will always remain in my heart. Your care and love for me will always in my mind. Thanks for everything. :)

Year 2009 - Changes of EVERYTHING! :))


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