PIKOM PC FAIR 2009 - Part 2

Sorry for the late post. Continue from the previous post. Finally got the pictures from Jing Yin already. Thanks girl. :)

I couldnt afford to walk anymore and headed back to Suria KLCC. On my way back, i spotted this cool Mercedes displayed at the atrium.

My future car.


We headed to Avenue K and had our dinner at Subway. I would rate it 3 out of 10. Nothing special for me! hmm.

Chicken Teriyaki.


My darlings. :))

My free gift from Sony.

Camwhoring. :b

Posing with my chicken teriyaki.

I didnt notice that they were taking this photo while i was talking on the phone.

Posing with the balloon.

After dinner, we settled down for a moment and chitchatted for a moment. About 8pm, we walked to LRT station and went back to Wangsa Maju.

This is what we did in the LRT station. haha.

In the LRT.

Jing Yin the culprit. haha.

She asked me to take photo with the pole. Zz.

Another shot. But different face expression. :b

It rained very heavily. I took a cab back home at Wangsa Maju LRT. Both Jing Yin and Jie Hoai went their separate ways leaving me alone waiting for cab. But thank god there were a lot of people waiting for cabs too. So i'm not alone. =) It was a tiring and wonderful day for me. Thanks for everything girls. And thanks for sms-ing me to show some concerns. I was touched when i received a message of yours. =D Hope to go with you guys again the next semester. Muackss.... ^^