We talked on the phone after i handed up my lab reports and stood by the road side and chitchatting while waiting for my friends. Here was our conversation.

Jam: Hey, why you reject my call when i was about to pick it? zzz.

Jan: I thought of calling for u for a moment and suddenly i changed my mind. Then, i called again. :P

Jam: Eik, when are you coming back?

Jan: Hmm. What time should i be back? 1.3opm or 2pm?

Jam: Oik, i thought you are suppose to be back in the evening cause you told me you will be having classes in the morning. I mean starting your journey in the evening?

Jan: I will finish my class at 12pm. So i will be back at afternoon and will reach Taiping in the evening. I wanna go to SMC pesta ria ler. Wanna visit my school. :P

Jam: I dont think you will make it.But they will be having concert at night. You can come if you want.

Jan: Adui. The admission isnt free right? And you talk like you are still in the school. LOL. How to get the ticket for me? =P

Jam: Ahhh, we will see how then. *giggle*

Jan: B, the ipod shuffle very cheap only. I plan to get one. And ipod nano got purple in colour!!! Shit!

Jam: Hmm. Yeah. Looking through now. *in front of the computer* I want one too. Haih. Kor la. Ask him to give his to me but he refused. ish ish.

Jan: I want the 2nd generation of ipod. :(

Jam: What's the difference by the way?

Jan: *busy explaining to her* Stupid la u. Like that also dont know. Ahhh...Never mind i'll get one for you then. :D

Jam: I want ipod touch ler. You idiot la. You got a lot of money is it?

Jan: Are you crazy? I said i wanna get you the cheap one. You ask me to get ipod touch for you. ish ish. I rather get i-phone for myself than ipod touch. And where's your mp4?

Jam: The battery siao siao already. Haha. Hmm. Seriously im desperate for ipod. I want IPOD!!!!

Jan: Stupid la u. :b (we get used to scold each other like that.haha) You ask kor to give you his ipod. And i get one purple for myself. Maybe we can exchange someday? *dreaming*

Spotted friends walking towards the car.

Jan: Eik, b. Gotta go. Going back now. I'll call you later ok? Bye. Muax.

That conversation took me exacly 14minutes. Talking about ipod thingy took us so long. haha. =b

P/s: I'll make our dreams come true. Hehe. :b


  1. ahaks..hello?? u can actually remember everything?? eh but...certain part wrong eh...and btw did i oik hey eik so much? lolx

  2. haha...there's still much but not reveal our private and confidential talk

  3. lol.. i noe.. there is so much to talk. and we talk nonstop. dont worry. i wont reveal. that's all. the rest will always in my heart. hehe. muacksss... :)

  4. always in ur heart...dat shows that ur heart is filled with our conversation which aint suppose to be dat way..leave some space for other neccessities

  5. isk isk.. how could u???!!! hm. fine... duwana talk bout it anymore....:X


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